Always wanted to study a martial art?  Have you or someone in your family studied a martial art before, but not satisfied where you or your child ended up or unhappy/unconfident about your/his/her skills?   Welcome to the last and only martial art school you will ever need.                                                                                                                                                                 The Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Taiji Institute is your goal.

The individualized one on one instruction that Sifu (Master) Tony gives you, provides you with the confidence and skill level/growth to have you realize THIS IS the place to study. Whether it be for health, sports, self defense, or all the above THIS IS the place to study.

The Teacher - Sifu Tony Timmer has studied Traditional Chinese Martial Arts since 1975. He has studied overseas and fought overseas in full contact competitions. His experiences in the past 40 years has made him a true master of Chinese Martial Arts. Sifu Timmer is highly respected in the Shaolin Kung Fu circles. He was honored to be the only non monk that was a judge (all the other judges were Shaolin Temple monks) in the Shaolinquan division in last years first ever Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Tournament held in LA. His students are National Champions in every category be it Hand Forms, Weapon Forms, Light Contact Sparring and Full Contact Sanda. His students compete all over the US and Sifu Tony sponsors two National Chinese Martial Art competitions here in CO and is the first to ever do so. Check out our student Joshua Keiser competing in the Wushu Division in LA last year:

Mind you this is Joshua who has 2.5 years experience with no other martial art training. When we say we make Champions, we mean CHAMPIONS.

The Style - Shaolinquan and Yang Taijiquan

Shaolinquan is traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. This is the same style taught today at the Shaolin Temple. It is a dynamic and exciting style rich in hand forms, weapon forms,      Chin Na (self defense grappling techniques) and extremely beneficial for health (which we use every day in life) and self defense (which we hope never to use). For Self Defense there is no more complete style of martial art in the world. Shaolinquan is the Original Asian Martial Art, all other martial art styles (Karate, Taekwondo, Kenpo etc) developed from Shaolinquan.

Our Taijiquan is Yang style Tai Chi.  Tai Chi has become popular in the health conscious world for its inner qi healing attributes. But little do people know that it is a formidable style of martial art. Thus the name Taijiquan (the Great Ultimate Fist style). Sifu Tony teaches both the health properties and the self defense applications of the moves. Taiji is slow, smooth, graceful and beautiful to watch and relatively easy to do, however becoming good at it is difficult and takes time to become in tune with your body and mind so that they become one.

Sifu Tony also teaches Nanquan (Southern Styles) which consist of Wing Chun, Lung Ying Pai (Southern Dragon) and Hung Kuen (Hung Gar). He also teaches Wushu - Changquan to young athletes 6 - 18 years of age, who are looking to really hit it on the competitve stage.

We are located at 15230 E Hampden Ave. in Aurora, we are at the SW corner of Hampden and Chambers St. The same mall as the Vitamin Cottage is in. We are directly to the Right Side of the 7-11, we face Chambers. Our phone number is 720-732-7697 Email is

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Ji Institute

    丹 佛 少 林 功 夫 太 极 拳 学 院