Looking for a martial arts school that is traditional in its values and teachings? But also a value to your pocketbook? You have found the right school.                No registration fees! Very affordable rates and low family plan rates. First class free! We also have lower rates available for prepaid months of 6/12 month programs.

The Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Ji Institute is taught just as Sifu Tony Timmer was trained overseas. Hand forms, weapons, 2 man forms, sparring, Chin Na, Self Defense, Qi Gong and more. With over 39 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts (6th Duan - Black Belt) Sifu Tony has the experience and knowledge to help you become capable, skilled and more knowledgeable about Chinese Martial Arts, while building a more self defense-able, fit, happy and healthy you from the inside out.

We are located at 15230 E Hampden Ave. in Aurora, we are at the SW corner of Hampden and Chambers St. The same mall as the Vitamin Cottage is in. We are directly to the Right Side of the 7-11, we face Chambers.

Our phone number is 720-732-7697 Email is tonytimmer@denvershaolintaiji.com

We teach traditional Shaolin Quan, Southern Styles (Wing Chun, Hung Gar, and Lung Ying Pai), Contemporary Wushu (Chang Quan) (to students under 18) and Yang Style Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi). You can take your pick of which style(s) you want to learn.

Changquan - Wushu - Long Fist Program for students 6 - 21. This is the style of Martial Art they teach to the children in China today. It is a standardized exercise/martial art program that is simple in the beginning but as time progresses challenges the body in many ways gymnasts and acrobats are challenged but still with the Martial Art left intact. Very quick, powerful and REALLY exciting.

Shaolinquan Program for students 6 - 50 and who have the desire to move fast with jumps, leaps and spectacular kicks, numerous hand and weapon forms. This program is the core of our school teachings for children and adults.

Nanquan - Southern Style Program for students 15 and up who like a more stable moving style with not so much flash but heavy emphasis on power and stance. This is a perfect program for people who are really concerned with learning Chinese Martial Arts for self defense and or trying to get back into shape. I usually recommend this style for younger people (20-45) who are kind of stiff and trying to get back in shape.

Yang Style Taijiquan for students over 7 who want to learn the soft style of Chinese Martial Arts that is known for its health benefits all over the world, but is also an incredible martial art.                                                                               ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Master Sifu Tony Timmer has over 39 years Chinese Martial Arts experience including 29 years of teaching experience. He is the President of the Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship that is going into its 4th year and the Lei-Tai USA (a full contact kung fu fighting league that has just started). Visit www.lei-taiusa.com and www.denverkungfuchampioship.com for more information regarding these exciting tournaments.                                                ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to our team that went to the 1st ever Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Tournament held in Los Angeles by the abbot of the Shaolin Temple from Henan China along with a team of monks who served as judges for the event. Our team did as follows:

Joshua Kieser- Gold Medal Traditional Shaolin Hand Form, Gold Medal in Wushu Hand Form, Wushu Long Weapon and Wushu Straught Weapon. See Joshua's video on youtube at http://youtu.be/DeQhinkXkRo

Bob Algeo - Gold Medal Taiji Hand Form, Silver Medal in Taiji Weapon.

Paul Sahertian - Silver Medal Wushu Hand Form, Silver in Wushu Long Weapon and Silver in Wushu Short Weapon.

Pieter Sahertian - Bronze Medal in Wushu Hand Form and Bronze Medal in Wushu Short Weapons. B

Beth Engelking just missed placing as she got 4th in Traditional Shaolin Hand Form, Shaolin Long Weapon and Shaolin Short Weapons.

There were over 1000 competitors so our team had stiff competition, for sure. Plus also Sifu Tony Timmer was honored by being one of the judges for the competition along with the Shaolin monks (one of the few given that honor in the Shaolinquan divisions - the monks did not judge the wushu or taiji divisions). Plus Sifu Timmer was given a very beautiful trophy personally from the abbot of the Shaolin Temple for his contribution in promoting Chinese Martial Arts and Shaolinquan.

Denver Shaolin Kung Fu Tai Ji Institute

    丹 佛 少 林 功 夫 太 极 拳 学 院